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 Blevins Law Offices has experience counseling individuals, families and businesses on a wide variety of subjects pertaining to Estate Planning, Business and Real Estate Law.  Mr. Blevins assists families and individuals throughout the estate planning process including how to avoid the time and expense of probate, how to reduce or avoid Federal Estate Tax, and how to handle trust administration matters as a trustee and beneficiary.  Mr. Blevins works with numerous business entities as outside counsel to provide valuable legal counsel throughout all phases of the business cycle and assist with a variety of business needs. Blevins Law Offices utilizes its many years of experience to negotiate the tricky and often times confusing process that is commercial and residential real estate.

The first step is for us to work with you and come up with a plan to get the results you need. Through our understanding of the law and  your understanding of the circumstances, we will craft a path to success.. 

Serving Southern California & Arizona 
 Blevins Law Offices has over a decade of legal experience providing estate planning services to families and strategic business counsel to clients ranging from small corporations to Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Blevins' unique background of serving as both corporate in-house counsel for various corporations and as a private litigation counsel makes us uniquely poised to quickly and effectively resolve your legal needs.
Legal Services We Provide

Estate Planning
Protect you and your loved ones today, tomorrow, and in the future with a comprehensive estate plan through Blevins Law Offices. 
Wills & Trusts
Wills and trusts can sometimes be confusing in regards to which one you want to set up. Blevins Law Offices are here to help clients get the legal help they need.

Wills go through a process known as probate and can take anywhere from a couple of months to a a couple of years. Blevins Law Offices can assist in the probate process to ensure your inheritance or trust is protected.
It is never a pleasant decision to gain a conservatorship over an incapacitated loved one. Blevins Law Office is compassionate and understanding throughout the whole process.

Corporate Counsel
Business Law is often time consuming and has many intricacies that involves knowing the business side of law intimately. With Blevins Law Offices, you get 10 years of corporate counsel experience on your side.
Real Estate
There are many faucets involved with Real Estate Law. Blevins Law offices can put your mind at ease with all of real estate concerns and ensure your real estate rights are protected. 

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